I work alongside interior designers and architects to make unique hand drawn concept visuals of interior and exterior spaces. With over three decades of experience, I’ve had the privilege of illustrating and conceptualising historic buildings for institutions like English Heritage, the National Trust and Historic Royal Palaces. Additionally, I’ve collaborated with renowned architectural firms including Kengo Kuma & Associates, MJP Architects and Studio PDP. My work has been featured in publications such as Art Review and Country Life Magazine and has adorned iconic establishments including The Ritz Hotel and Harrods. 

My drawings offer an organic, bespoke alternative to the more common, formulaic computer generated presentations, the uniformity of which cannot compete with the fluid aesthetic of a hand made line. By working closely with the designer or client, an artist dialogue is established that allows me to make immediate changes as the design evolves and stay true to their vision. The resulting visual, whether a loose sketch or more worked up watercolour, evokes the idea of a real space in a way a soulless CGI image never could, and allows the client to really imagine that space that they can inhabit, rather than as a mere simulacrum.

I live near Lewes in East Sussex and work from my home studio but am also happy to work along side you. Please get in touch to discuss your project. 

Architecture and Interior Design clients include:

  • Kengo Kuma & Associates, Architects, Tokyo
  • MJP Architects
  • Piercy and Company, Architects
  • PLP Architects
  • Studio PDP, Architects
  • BDP Architects
  • Robin Partington and Partners, Architects
  • Formation Architects
  • Colwyn Foulks Architects
  • Smallwood Architects
  • Flower Michelin Architects
  • Savills Planning consultancy
  • Stephen Levrant Heritage Architecture
  • BLDA Architects
  • Rodic Davidson Architects
  • Levitate Architects
  • Soho House
  • Cadogan Estates
  • The National Trust
  • Country Life Magazine
  • English Heritage
  • The Ritz Hotel
  • Harrods
  • David Collins Studio, Interior Designers
  • Pentagram, New York
  • Studio Indigo, Architects and Interior Designers
  • Bryan O’Sullivan Studio, Interior Designers
  • Studio Reed, Architects and Interior Designers
  • Peter Mikic Studio, Interior Designers
  • Natalia Miyar Atelier, Interior Designers
Liam Wales